Results coming up someday, she's a bit stubborn one so she keeps me busy.

Because of her missing tooth, she won't be participating at shows, before she can do the courage test - then we'll participate in Finnish sieger show and hopefully get our conformation result A with "TSB a" ;).

Official results
Day Sport Result
07. 10. 2007 Finnish character test in age of 2,5 years +162 points
Complete evaluation
Video at Youtube
Video2 at Youtube
24. 08. 2008 Talentsichtung Appearance: 791
Mental characteristics: 1000
Complete evaluation (ENG)
PDF in Finnish
03. 06. 2009 BH-trial Passed :), judge: E. Linnala


Unofficial results
Day Sport Result
23. 09. 2006 Speedrace 2006 Kotka: A competition in which dog has to run 100meters fastest as possible Placing: 9th, 7,57 sec
Team "Sutjakkaat Lotkot": 3rd