Name: Soottoe's Deuce "Piri"
DOB: 12. 3. 2005 @ Mynämäki / Finland
Father: + Melano v Cap Arkona SchH3 FH kkl1 V
Mother: + Reikon Censored SchH3 kkl2 G agi1
Breeder: Sonja Lehtinen, kennel Soottoe's, Mynämäki
Color: Bi-color
Hips: A/B
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Back: Healthy, CES-free
Eyes: Examined 2012, healthy
Heart: Examined 2012, healthy

This little princess has really understood the saying "nomen est omen". She is really temperament full and spicy girl.

She is very social and good natured dog. She has a strong balldrive and when she works, she works really great. The only thing is to get her to want to work for ME. Not to herself. She still has the bad habit to forget about commands when she decides to do something. And because she is a strong dog, she can drag me around for short periots of times ;).

I really like doing obedience with her, she has a very strong nose for tracking and she seems promising in protection work. Because of my schedule problems, we've had to put our training aside for a while, in 2008 we have started to really train again and everything looks very promising :).

The biggest flaw in her is her loudness. I can bet you haven't heard so loud dog with so many different sounds before. She can produce very weird sounds and her bark makes you think that she's a big strong male.. She can shut up when she is told to, but if she doesn't respect you at all - she won't shut up :P. In high drive if she hasn't any object or job to which direct her drive to, she can be loud. But when she has the thing to channel her drive - she does everything very quietly.

She's a stubborn one, a real ass. But still very funny and loveable character :)

Piri's TOP-list 26.10.2008:
Protection work
Playing with mom Helmi