Somehow you've found your way to Deuce's homepage. Here you can find -suprisingly- information about the little devil named Soottoe's Deuce, the daughter of two fine dogs: +Melano v Cap Arkona SchH3 FH V kkl1 and +Reikon Censored SchH3 G kkl2.

The name Deuce came as an accident: I lend a Korn DVD from my friend and it was called Deuce. So I took a dictonairy and looked for Deuce. Heureka! Here was a proper name for the future puppy. I emailed her breeder explaining what deuce was and the breeder Sonja said it was ok official name for the puppy.

Deuce means 'a face of a die bearing two spots' and 'a playing card bearing the number two'.

The senses that are more familiar now are usually regarded as euphemisms for devil in mild oaths, such as "what the deuce," "the deuce to pay," "the deuce take it," etc. This usage may be influenced by Low German duus 'the devil', used in similar oaths, but the Low German usage may itself be from French in the 'bad luck at dice' sense.

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Well. That's the story of Deuce. But what about her calling name Piri? I wanted to call her Piru (devil in Finnish) but I didn't have the guts, I was too afraid of getting bad feedback from elderly people :). So I changed the u to i. I can only explain what piri means in Finnish: it's slang word and it means amphetamine. Also, Piri as in piripiri is a chili sauce and man I love my chilis. Maybe one day I have dog named Habanero :D. Or maybe not, because saying "nomen est omen" applies with Piri..

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